According to the data given by "Social Diagnosis" and collected in a year 2011 a 70 percent of peoplehave access to the Internet. Other data given by Deloitte says that  Internet users are spending almost 4 hours per day on surfing the Internet, and according to the Newzoo company more than 65% Internet users in the age between 10 and 65 are computer and online games for several minutes or hours per day. So here arises the question if it is worth to promote company among gamers arise– and the answer is simply yes. Why? because almost half of gamers is able to not only play but also buy games.


But how to reach this group of Internet users? There is a possibility to add an advert to already existing games, but those forms of promotion are too expensive nowadays. Different way of dealing with it – is creating your own entertaining application or social game, which will promote company's offer at the same time.


The Entertaining Application have some elements of contention or game. We can include in this category for example playing solitaire, sudoku, crosswords, riddles or jigsaws. Those activities are involving for Internet's users in some way and are recommended for companies, which want to engage Internet's users on medium level and encourage them to devote more time to know the brand.


On the other hand social games are more involving. In most cases they have some ranks so it is possible for users to see how their score looks against the background of their friends. In social games participant may invite friends to join and be rewarded by some bonuses because of it. Games also include some social elements allowing their users to get to know each other and other elements which help to maintain attractiveness of the game.


In consequence of it, the Internet users are playing in those games for several minutes up to hours per day. In this time Internet's user constantly deals with brand and its products, which are nicely mixed in game's plot. And thanks to that brand is buried deep in the potential client's mind.


For customers who want to try this form of promotion we are offering, as a starter, entertaining application. Differently for companies, which want to highlight themselves against thebackground of the others with their own innovativeness, gain wide popularity and made Internet's users to not only know the brand, but also remember it and share information about it with their friends, we are offering creation of social game. Every game and application is individually adjusted to given target.


Social games are new branch of advertisement apart from running a Facebook account, competitions and discount coupons.