Alike normal website on social fanpage of company created on Facebook there is possibility of creating subpages and various bookmarks. Is it a good idea to use them, when the company owns a regular website with CMS (system of content management) already?


We need to remember that company's website is kind of showcase and it consist of nattily selected and compiled content presented in proper order for people who want to take an company's offer.


Otherwise on Facebook fanpage – there is a need of dynamic activities, elastic thinking and possibility of quick creating new subpages, which will be attuned to current requirements of marketing.


And that is the moment when Facebook comes with help – every site owned by company may have a lot of different bookmarks. Creating one of these requires program development skills or using one of proper bookmark's editors. Our company possesses on hand one of posh original software designed for creating subpages on Facebook. And that is why we offer creating attractive marketing subpages on Facebook with the using of proven software in really cheap prices and in short time of realization. Furthermore we are constantly monitoring how subpages are working to ensure their fully reliability.


Below some of possibly subpages, which we are able to create for you, are presented:


  • welcoming subpage – with short company's description of the company and information about content of the fanpage.

  • Like to be granted with discount – subpage which will make gaining new fans easier

  • like to be granted with something for free – as above

  • competition – subpage with interesting graphics and application form

  • contact form – form which allows to make a contact with company easier

  • seller's products gallery that are being sold on Allegro website – it has a direct impact on increasing sale rate

  • visitors’ book – here clients may leave positive feedback

  • reservation form – form used to book a table in the restaurant or a room in the hotel

  • landing page – the product's description with possibility of instant order; its goal is to increase sale's rate

  • portfolio – gallery of photographer's wedding photos or computer graphic designer’s works – for present services that you offer

  • bookmark containing movies – movie's gallery made by director, clip creator etc - as above

  • bookmark containing music – to present songs of a band, vocalist, instrumentalist etc.

  • restaurant menu – whole menu of restaurant or just a presentation of selected dishes for example current promotions (may be with photos) to entice to visit given restaurant

  • wishes cards designed for special occasions with share option – for example Christmas card, which fans can send to their friends – the way of gaining new fans.

  • newest tweets, newest articles from other services or blogs, newest job offers etc – integration with external webpage, news, events which are presented on external services

  • company's offer – the catalogue of products and services (there is possibility to attach photos) and the way of ordering

  • request form – to have quick appraisal of products or services

  • localization and access map – to make it easier for interested clients to reach company's headquarters

  • discount coupon – it is made for gaining new fans, entice to take company's offer and sharing information about promotion with friends

  • the closest headquarters' search engine – country/city map with marked localization of all company's branches with possibility of checking how to reach given point, the closest place, opening hours and telephone numbers

  • Online store – list of all or part of available products with possibility of instant ordering


Above we enumerated only a few kinds of bookmarks from our wide offer. We are really elastic and we are able to do for your company free-form subpage on Facebook, which will help in your promotional activities. We are able to recommend proper additions, which will help in your marketing activities and will increase your fans number and it will have great impact on your sale's rate. We are able to create a subpage even within the same day you put your order.