Good products are more likely to be sold – it is an absolute truth. And because of that we are very often proposing our clients organizing of discount coupons. Sometimes small impulse is enough for an interested person to be encouraged to try product or service. Discount coupon is for sure such a signal – if someone is interested in your company's offer, the moment he is given a coupon is the one he decides to come and try it.


But is there a point in mentioning discount coupons in situation that you, most likely have tried it already? There are a few reasons, that should convince you to use coupons in new marketing's condition. Alike competition on Facebook is a lot more popular that the normal one, coupons spread around the Internet are a lot more popular and powerful than normal ones as well.


Instead of informing only few people, we are able to inform thousands of them. Interested ones becomes a user of the fanpage and one is downloading coupons. At the same moment one is able to inform about this offer all of his friends Users of the Internet are sharing information about coupon, they talk about the company and its products and in given date they come to take an offer of the company with accurate discount. Coupons may be printed out from the webpage or e-mail, or they may be shown on screen of the smartphone, after scanning prepared QR code, which ensures support for mobile marketing.


When it happens our client is able to prove that his company has really high level of service for customers, good quality of products and useful after-selling service.


Good products sell themselves with no help, but discount coupons helps customers to discover them.


Differently than in case of group shopping services, discounts coupons are advertised only among potentially interested in them group of people. Thanks to this solution we are lowering promotion costs and we are ensuring flow of new customers to our client. We are ensuring flow of really interested in client's service people. What is also important our client is in control of number of given coupons and the promotion's rules, which assure absolute safety of running this kind of promotional activities. The statistics give a chance to control fully not only costs, but also flow of people with coupons and their come backs to the company. Additional advantage of this solution is constant contact with people who took coupons from Facebook and also e-mail base, which may be used to [send] newsletters.


Using modern technologies, we lighten client's load from whole process of discount coupons service, high returns from investment, we are ensuring the safety and coupons uniqueness. Because of that, our client has time for opening his arms for new clients and taking care of the highest level of customers' contentment and satisfaction from good shopping's atmosphere.