Organizing competitions on Facebook gives an opportunity to switch the whole concept of this way of promoting to completely new level. Competition may be advertised among hundreds of thousands of people. There is a chance for dozens and hundreds of people to participate in competition and no matter how many of them actually will participate – it still will go smoothly. Creating a creative competition will be a trigger for competitors to spread a word about this activity and entice their friends to join it.


Well prepared competition is not only the realization of company's marketing goals but the competition will be also an entertainment and pleasure for its competitors. It may also became an important event, and simultaneously a great possibility to get to know a company who is behind it.


Every company gather around itself a different social group so both advertisements and competition must be well-matched to skills and interests of the target group. Consequences of well planned competition are also lower costs of prizes, because in most cases there is a possibility of choosing prizes which will be both attractive for clients and in economical price.


Each competition is designed by us individually. While creating a competition application we are taking in consideration both needs of company and passions of its clients to fully use the marketing and technological potential of Facebook.


And that is how visually attractive and attention catching competitions with possibility of voting, viewing works of others competitors and easy way of inviting other friends to join are created, with using of original graphics and unique mechanisms of working.


We are offiering several types of Facebook competitions. Part of them is available for free in basic packet of running account. It is enough to constantly gain new fans and make them interested in company.


But for companies, which only want to organize attractive competition on Facebook for their loyal clients we have prepared a solution, which effectiveness was proved and confirmed a lot of times. It fully takes advantage of possibilities given by Facebook, is visually unique and it gives calculable results which are guaranteed by us.


We are also ready to blow out all known conventions and create a competition, that was never seen before. A competition which will delight competitors, spread a word about company and distinguish a company against a background of the others as the most fresh, the nicest, the bravest and the most innovative.