According to data from ZenithOptimedia, in 2012 participation of Polish Internet advertisement market in general market of advertisement in media will be 18 percent. It gives to the Internet the second position considering costs given to the ads, just after television. Advertisement in television, radio or even on flysheets stopped being that successful like it was before. People do not want to have information about products that are not interesting for them. They have enough of constant besiege.


Differently from television, the Internet lets providers to choose target of their ads precisely, and reassure that they are reaching right people – the ones who really may be interested in their services. The reasons of it are complex algorithms, which are analyzing Internet's users interests basing on contents they write, share or like.


There are no doubts that the most adequate information about Internet's users' interests are in possession of social services on which people are sharing their passions. And the most popular social service in Poland is currently Facebook – of course we may think about others social services, but any of them is that meaningful in terms of popularity and availability of tools designed for targeting ads as Facebook. And that is the reason why in our activities apart from Google Ads we are basing mostly on Facebook Ads.


Ads on facebook are projected in various places, in most cases in groups, which are shown to the same person for many times so we can be sure that every possibly interested person has seen it. Ads can be adjusted in the way we need and like – for example our ads may be shown only to people from given city, given distance from given place or from whole country. There is a possibility to fix age of people who will see ads. In addition there is a possibility of fixing more narrowed options including interests. In consequence of optimizing ads to target our chances to achieve success is higher and we can be sure that chosen people will be interested in our offer.


Our work does not end at the moment of optimizing the target. From range of scopes we are choosing one kind of ads, which will be the best in achieving given goal, we are making several tests of various kinds of ads to make sure that we chose the one which is accurate to the budget. During the campaign we are monitoring it and correct presumptive mistakes.


To sum up – from the beginning to the end, we are taking care about client's investment to be sure that every single zloty is used in the best way and that it will give particular results. At the end we hand out to the client statistics devoted to campaign.


Client know at every moment of campaign how it looks, how many funds were used and what are the effects. Client has the absolute control on using budget devoted to marketing and advertisement.