Promocja firmy na FacebookuMA Aniela Zator – graduated from psychology studies on Kazmierz Wielki's University in Bydgoszcz. She owns a social marketing agency "Websoul". Since two years, she has been working on developing marketing strategy for companies using Facebook and their institution by running social account on Facebook. The most popular profiles created by her have more than 10 thousand fans. She is also creating and optimizing social advertisements and designing promotional activities which involves people using applications, games, bookmarks, competitions and social games.
She is has greatly developed interpersonal and social skills, and also she is very good in using Facebook for promotional activities. All of her skills are proven by lots of courses from which she graduated. E-mail: Mobile number: +48 600-576-643

Prowadzenie konta na Facebooku Eng Tomasz Smykowski - graduated from Technology and Information studies (with specialization on IT development of companies) on Kazimierz Wielki's University. He is also a member of IOSC. Professionally, he is a software developer and since seven years he has been dealing with IT projects. Within these years he spent last two on social IT projects. His projects have more than three million viewers per month. He is a creator of tool, which is designed to edit bookmarks on Facebook called "Polishwords Bookmark". He also cooperated with PC World Computer and was a supreme technology editor of Webhosting magazine. Mr. Smykowski is also an author of book – "Handbook of creating websites on Facebook" and an e-book "How to promote your company on Facebook". He is the coach who runs a course on using Facebook for marketing and PR purposes for company's workers. E-mail: Mobile number: +48 664-779-129