Facebook is extremely popular. It offers simultaneously a lot of various tools designed for companies, which want to promote themselves in the Internet. And because of that Facebook become the most popular service, which can be used for marketing activities among the Internet. Facebook allows to tell the world in very successful way that given company exists not only among young people, but amid the older too. Facebook account improves traffic on website, increases number of business contacts,  enhances clients' contentment and also lets to cut down the general costs connected with marketing.


Having all these in consideration, there is no surprise that in the day of economic crisis Facebook becomes so popular among companies, which are looking for savings in costs devoted on marketing and advertisements. They want to stop their loyal clients from leaving and save regular orders which comes from them. If they are looking for new clients, they do it really deliberately and with additional care about costs.


Running a Facebook's account lets all these goals to be achieved. Simultaneously it is rather innovative way of promoting, which allows to highlight given company against the background of the contention. And exactly that is the reason, why we offer running Facebook account as a main promotional activity among the Internet for our clients.


Facebook does not take any financial benefits from creating or running company's account. This kind of account can be created by anyone and there is no need to hire a specialist, because the administrator panel is clear and obvious even for people who just started their adventure with Facebook.


Even if there is no need of hiring specialist to create an account it will be wise choice to let specialists take care of creation and configuration of the account. He will take care of proper configuration of options connected with positioning website in search engine. He will describe the company in line with the best ways of doing it, which makes it easier for potential client to have all important information on hand. It also means that it will be easier for future clients to see and use company's offer. He will also take care of preparation of short web address, which can be used on promotional posters and flysheets. Because Facebook is still developing the tasks given to specialists may be different than these presented in this text. We are still monitoring changes which are released by Facebook to make the best use of this social service's marketing potential for our clients.


When it comes to running an account on Facebook client can, of course, do it single-handedly, but it requires a lot of time and patience to learn how to handle the service and use all of its functions. What is more important functions are still evolving so there is a necessity of constant monitoring all of released changes to have a chance to use them with the greatest benefits. For example lately Facebook released "offer module" and when this text is being written, we are in the middle of analyzing how this module will affect on possibilities of promoting our clients.


So as was said before – if client will know learn all given tools, he will be able to run company's account without help from specialists. The efficiency of Facebook account is a result of regularity. So there is a need of creative thinking about the most involving content, gather social groups and taking care of their harmonic development, organizing innovative promotion, events and competitions, reacting to comments and looking for new ways of reaching new members of social group.


Combine duties of company's owner with running Facebook account is not an easy task, but fortunately there is a possibility to give the second task away. It is necessary to take care to give them to the right person, because contacts with loyal clients are one of most important aspects of running a company. So giving it to the competent person, who will be able to maintain constant contact with client in kind way and simultaneously create a social group around company is really a key.


Creating a social group is important but often omitted element of running an account on Facebook. When we are introduced into our client's company we are discovering what is the link between all his clients. Shared passion, interests, the way in which they approach the reality or things they are doing? These kind of information are necessary to gather those people around things. which are common among them. It is a reason why those people come back regularly to our clients' fanpages – they are sure that there will be something interesting for them.


When around the company large social group is gathered there is possibility of small miracles: our social group recommends company's services to their friends, the group is also answering newbies questions and is recommending the company not only on facebook but in the other places of the Internet too. When company owns a group like this it is able to give them offers on regular basis, which will be interesting for whole social group.


If it sounds complex for you – that is right. Running a successful marketing activities on Facebook requires a lot of IT skills to prepare proper software, artistic skills to create graphics which will attract people, copywriting skills to write an interesting texts, interpersonal skills, marketing and sale skills to have and maintain good contact with clients and provide good sale service and promotional activities. It is also important to have social skills to take care of developing social group around company.


One person is not able to combine all of these skills, and that is a reason why our interpersonal group consist of a lot of specialists from each of given branches, who cooperate with each other and work together on every single project in order to, in the age of technology, renew contacts, integrate people with common interests, provoke curiosity, stimulate to do something, share and gain desire.